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Our top-quality stock includes 
tropical and coldwater fish, fantails, and Koi.

The Netherlands is renowned worldwide for producing the best quality agricultural products, with this spirit to quality and excellence AquaFarm International is located in Maasland, the Netherlands. Here, we lead the charge in elevating fishkeeping, operating a cutting-edge facility spanning 6,500m² square meters. Our unwavering focus revolves around top-tier care and the delivery of an exquisite array of premium fish species.

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range of fish varieties.


We operate with
cutting-edge facilities.

At AquaFarm International, we stand at the forefront of top-tier fishkeeping. Our modern greenhouses, spanning 6,500 m², host an impressive innovative facility focused on nurturing and delivering excellent tropical, coldwater fish, fantail and Koi to our customers all over the EU.

With 2,600 aquariums for our tropical fish assortment and 400 spacious, individually filtered fibreglass tanks for coldwater fish, fantail and Koi, we reinforce our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and excellence for our valued customers.

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AquaFarm International.

At AquaFarm International, quality is our promise! Our fish are sourced from sister companies and trusted suppliers spanning the globe and undergo a rigorous quarantine period and stringent quality control checks before we deliver them to our customers.