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Are you curious to see how our tropical, coldwater fish, faintails or Koi are doing? Check out our video’s below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Absolutely! You can find pictures and videos of our fish in our weekly newsletter. Simply click on the image of the fish to access the video link. Additionally, you can explore our playlists containing all available stock. For the latest videos, we recommend visiting our YouTube channel at AquafarmInternationalBV.

At AquaFarm, our Koi are sourced from Japan and Israel. They are carefully stocked in two different areas within our greenhouse.

Our Japanese Koi typically arrive at our facility in January and are isolated by breeder. With sales commencing in early March, they undergo a quarantine period of two months. Throughout the season, we ensure a minimum quarantine period of two weeks before making them available for sale. Our specialized team monitors their health daily and conducts frequent microscope checks.

Certain items, such as HQ Betta, Discus, or Nisai Koi (2 years old), offer the option for selection based on pictures or videos. Please reach out to our sales team to inquire about special offers and availabilities.

A: For inquiries regarding our stocklist, ordering procedures, delivery schedules, and box deposits, please contact the AquaDistri office to receive all the necessary information.

Our water parameters are as follows:

  • Tropical: KH-6, GH-11, pH 8.2
  • Coldwater: KH-6, GH-11, pH 7.8

We feed our fish twice a day with Hikari feed. However, fish that are on sale are not fed to prevent potential water pollution during transport.

Certainly! Our acclimatization protocol is as follows:

  • Submerge the closed bag containing the fish in our tank water for approximately 25 minutes;
  • Adjust the pH of our tank water to approximately 6 to prevent pH shock, as the transport water typically has a pH of around 6;
  • After the acclimatization period, release the fish into the tank;
  • Avoid mixing the new fish with other fish .