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About us.

We commit to deliver quality and excellence.

Welcome to AquaFarm International – where the rich tradition of Dutch agricultural excellence meets the vibrant world of ornamental, coldwater fish and Koi. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, AquaFarm is committed to delivering the finest fish species to enthusiasts across the European Union.

As part of the Aquatic Wholesale Group, AquaFarm collaborates with our sister companies to deliver top-quality and healthy tropical, coldwater fish, fantails, and Koi. Our collective efforts ensure excellence for our valued customers.

We breed & grow a wide variety of
ornamental, coldwater fish & Koi.

Ornamental fish.
In the AquaFarm nursery, our team of 20 experienced employees looks after a large assortment of ornamental fish on more than 7,000 m2, which we deliver to Aquadistri’s customers after extensive quarantine. In 2,600 aquariums, we keep over 400 species of tropical fish from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South America, Africa, the Czech Republic, Israel and many other countries.

Coldwater fish & Japanese Koi.
In our modern Coldwater section, we house a diverse collection of fish, including fantails and Koi, in over 400 individually filtered systems. Our expertise extends to Japanese Koi, as our sister company, OrnaFish, located in Niigata, Japan, carefully selects the finest Koi for AquaFarm and our customers. Explore our rich variety of Japan Koi, featuring stunning colors, patterns, and sizes, such as the elegant Kohaku with vibrant red and white markings or the captivating Showa with enchanting black patterns.


We are a proud member of
Ornamental Fish International.

OFI members encourage ethical breeding, farming, and collection of aquatic plants and animals, respecting both natural populations and environment, while also recognizing their positive impact on local communities and economies.

OFI members trade in compliance with national and international laws, ensuring legal practices. They work to prevent the release of aquatic specimens into natural ecosystems. OFI prioritizes the well-being of ornamental aquatic animals during trade, including their care and housing. Members strictly adhere to national and international laws for packing and transporting aquatic animals.

OFI focuses on risk management, staff training, and quarantine as needed to safeguard aquatic health. Special efforts are made to maintain the health of aquatic animals, including water quality and regular health checks. These principles underscore OFI’s commitment to ethical and responsible practices in the industry.

How AquaFarm International evolved.

AquaFarm works through
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

AquaFarm is aware of its social responsibility. We treat people, nature, animals, plants and our planet responsibly. That is why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role in our corporate vision. The Aquatic Wholesale Group regularly acts as a sponsor of charities in which the welfare of people, children and animals plays the main role.

We try to support several charities every year, such as the Food Bank and Children in Need. With our projects, we try to make a difference. Our thanks go to our team and all our customers who made this project possible!

Large assortment of fish species.

  • Tropical assortment from guppy to discus.
  • A wide variety of Fancy Goldfish.
  • Imported from supplies all over the world
  • Japanese Koi, selected by Ornafish.
  • Israeli Koi, from the best breeders.
  • A wide range of Pond Fish from Europe & Israel

State of the art facilities.

  • Over 2.400 aquariums.
  • Over 450 individual filtered fiberglass tanks.
  • Our systems hold over 1 million liters of water.
  • 400.000 L prepared water for daily water changes
  • We recycle 70% of our water
  • We recover heat from wastewater

Tropical, cold water & Koi fish.

  • Solid quarantine period, ensuring healthy & vibrant fish.
  • We feed with Hikari, the world’s best fish food.
  • Extensive water testing for healthy environment.
  • Expert support by Dr. Mario Blom and Dr. Gerald Bassleer.