Our work methods

We import fish from our sister companies and suppliers all over the World. These fish are then quarantined in our systems and after a solid quarantine period and throughout quality control supplied to our customers.

Quarantine facility;
We have over 1500 aquariums and more then 200 large fibreglass holding systems which in total hold more then 600.000 litre of water, also we hold 200.000 litre of fresh water in preparation for daily water changes. Good quality water is the way towards healthy fish.

Specialist knowledge;
The 20 staff at Aquafarm understand fish keeping, many of them have been working in he ornamental fish industry for over 20 years, together the hold more the 200 years of experience in the quarantining and wholesale in ornamental fish. A specialised vetenarian visit Aquafarm on weekly basis to support our health policies and our staff continues training to expand their knowledge.

Our varieties;
Tropical fishes, direct imports from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Shri Lanka, South America, Afrika, Czech, Israel and we also stock fish from Dutch breeders.

Koi, we specialise in Koi.
Japanese Koi is supplied by our sister company Ornafish Japan CO., Ltd and sold from our facility after throughout quarantine and KHV testing. Israeli Koi is supplied by our branch in Israel, these Koi branded as Orna-Koi are vaccinated against KHV and can not get or transfer KHV the safe way to buy Koi.

Fantail, with our partner in China we supply a big variety of Chinese Fancy Goldfish, from small fantails to handpicked photo show fantails.

Pond fish, from goldfish to Sturgeon, for a over 50 varieties we selected the best breeders in Europe, after throughout quarantine and quality check we deliver these fishes weekly to our valued customers.

Social responsibility
At Aquafarm then environmental responsibility and good working conditions for our staff receive high priority. We aim to reduce the use of energy, packing materials and chemicals and operate green. Also we do not trade in endangered species and we try to lead the trade in responsible behaviour towards animal welfare and fair trading.

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